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Chris Womack, Master Barber, was born and raised in New Orleans East, a McDonogh 35 College Prepatory High School graduate. While attending Southeastern University in Hommond, Louisiana, he thought playing professional sports or being a film producer were the only things in  his near future but the following year, 2005, Life quickly took him in a different direction. With Hurricane Katrina and the birth of his son simultaneously colliding, he found himself displaced & an unemployed father. A feeling that he was determined to never feel again. While temporarily relocated in Texas, he worked as a Walmart mechanic and quickly realized that the job market for a person without a degree or special skill set was not going to satisfy the growing needs of his family. After re-enrolling in school, he moved to Baton Rouge with his older brother Daryl Womack (@womackspecial), where his Barber Journey Begin. Daryl explained the benefits of barbering, the freedom of self employment when organized & disciplined and the financial security behind cutting a certain amount of clients per hour/day. Although sold on the career, Chris still wasn’t patient enough to understand the process it took to build clientele. So being the stubborn Taurus that he is, he decided to try it his way, working sometimes 2 and 3 jobs at a time. All this and he still wasn’t seeing the financial freedom and personal fulfillment that he needed to reach his full potential in life.  HE WAS LOST. He'd originally attempted being a professional barber in 2009, enrolling in the apprenticeship program and starting with Case Closed. However, it wasn’t until 2016 when he'd resign from the railroad industry and truly put his faith in GOD to carry him through the clientele building stage, and that he did. Now only 4 years later, he's a Licensed Master Barber at Case Closed Barbershop. 


"In order to be successful we must continually seek knowledge in our fields of work.. We must be consistent and dependable in order to sharpen our skill set, and last but most importantly, we must be disciplined with our money. In order to be successful you must continually evolve with the culture of your field of work."

-Chris Womack

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